About the Program

The RET Site: Rutgers University Research Experience for Teachers in Engineering (RU RET-E) for Green Energy Technology Program seeks to engage K-12 pre- and in-service teaching professionals the opportunity to engage in science and engineering research; and support teacher fellows as they integrate their research experiences into their academic year classrooms.  RU RET-E is funded by the National Science Foundation under award: 1407266.


The intellectual foci of the RU RET-E Program center around three green energy research thrusts:

  • nanotechnology and materials,

  • renewable and sustainable fuels, and

  • devices and energy management systems for energy generation, conversion, and storage. 


These are areas where Rutgers has a critical mass of faculty interest, existing academic and physical infrastructure, and funding; as evidenced by our IGERTs, K-12 programing, REU program, and research centers. 


Participants in the RU RET-E program will participate in the program pilot of a investigation of the impact of RU RET-E and the SGO evaluation model on their general and special needs student populations. Each teacher will develop SGO rubrics, to be strategically, linked to engineering units, which will be peer-reviewed over the summer. These units and SGOs will be used to assess student comprehension, critiquing proficiency and the ability to execute and construct lab reports, and aptitude for engineering problem solving.


If you are a Rutgers faculty member and would like to host teachers for a summer experience, please contact us at rurete@rci.rutgers.edu.


About the Program